Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey, it's time to put on your walkin shoes and join us for a fun family day in the park. We will have a hotdog roast, prizes, soda's, plenty of cold water, fellowship, freinds, and much more.

We are raising resources for our Pastors resource center. We need to fill the center with books, audio/video equipment, computers, and anything else the local pastors over there can use to continue educating themselves and reaching out to others.

The center is already being used as a prayer center, a place for the local Pastors to come and council, charge their cell phones, fellowship and get recharged. We officially opened the doors on May 1, and have shipped 30 books in addition to the dozen or so I left while there to start the ball rolling. I also left a donated laptop loaded with Bible software, word, publisher, powerpoint and video software to play videos. We are so looking forward to seeing how God uses this resource center to reach the whole area there.

We will probably be returning to uganda in October. Kimberly and I are putting together a conference for Pastors and their wives, with the theme "preparing the vessel for the Kingdom". We are so pumped about this. We know God is wanting us to prepare their marriages and homes to do the work of the Kingdom. Even the marriages of the Pastors of Uganda are hard for us to understand. The culture has placed man to be the boss and the wife to be the servant. We know that God has called these husbands and wives to be a team. We also know the cultural influences are tough to overcome.

Pray for us that God will give us that balance between culture and what God has told us to be as husband and wife. We have also learned that we need to practice what we preach and that we need to know that what we teach is truth and it works because its working in our lives.

It is amazing that we end up recieving, through the preperation to teach. God is an amzing teacher.