Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ministry Update

Thanks to all of you prayer warriors and supporters for the good news that came today.

The monthly report from the teacher in Uganda reveals that the mission is growing far faster than anticipated!

The new term, with new students, began on Thursday and then on Saturday in the village. The number has nearly doubled -- from around 30 to more than 60.

Accordingly, the course time has been extended to one year, and the teacher is already developing a new curriculum to support that. We now have people traveling from towns that are as much as 45 minutes away. Additional benches have been ordered to accommodate this growth.

Now, more computers will be necessary for the computer literacy classes.

One of my own will go with me and stay there -- but we can still use three or four more good, working laptops with at least XP and one gig of ram. We load Power Point, Excel, Word and a few other applications that require a computer that is newer and fairly fast.

We were also planning to get internet for the office and to network the laptops for increased teaching and communication. Wireless access would also be nice but not a necessity.

Preparations for the January mission trip are moving quickly. The youth rally/conference is coming together nicely. And, plans are being made for two more marriage conferences, a couples’ conference, another youth conference and a wedding ceremony for four or five couples. Pray for efficient timing and planning on our part.

Support letters have been sent, and we ask everyone to pray with us for abundant responses from those letters.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heaven Fest 2011

Thank you everyone who stopped by, offered encouragement, prayed for us and even those who volunteered for ~Heaven fest.

We had a great day (exhausting) and shared Helping Hands with many people who are interested in short term missions, Literacy to the needy, and many other things that we were able to communicate.

We had a great time with many friends who stopped by, soaked up some shade, shared some cold water and listened to amazing music.....we were blessed in the Lord for the day that He gave us......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dinner/Auction 2010....what a night

The guys trying to decide what to buy at the Auction...
A great group
Music always ads life to a party
Phil Largent gave an encouraging word about relationship and communication...

Some really Amazing auction items...
What can I buy honey....
One more song...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home from Home

Well, I'm back stateside (nice to be home). Sometimes I feel like Uganda has become my second home. We have so many friends there and God has shown us so much favor that it isn't like traveling to some foreign country. We move freely and have contacts in almost every part of the country.

It was so fun to minister all over the country on this trip and even meet with people from the Congo for future ministry opportunities. Thank you all for the covering that was felt in a big way.

There are some people from here who have chose to try and distract people from working with HHIM. Its a plan from the enemy that your prayers have squashed. The enemy is a defeated foe and our God has claimed a Victory for those who choose to serve Him.......

God is good all the time..........its His nature