Monday, November 5, 2007

Here we go

God is moving and we are certainly trying to follow His lead. We met with the Lawyer and he's a great guy within minutes it went for you and I to us. He became part of what we were trying to do. He left us in his office alone for a minute, just long enough for us to notice a painting of three African ladies carrying various things on their heads and we felt like kindred spirits. Let the games begin. We got the ball rolling but found as many obstacle's and challenges as we did answers. The good news is we got lots of clarity and direction and a real peace that we are heading the right direction....more later. Please continue to pray..............David

Friday, November 2, 2007

Day one

We feel like today is the first day of the new ministry. Certainly God has been working out the details for years now but we are now following his lead. We go to speak to a christian attorney today that we found through a christian directory. I spoke with him a few days ago and got a good feeling about him. We appreciate all those prayer warriors who have joined with us to move with this new ministry. We'll keep you posted on all that goes on.........David & Kimberly